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Here's your opportunity to help people around the world AND get paid handsomely to do so - with both up-front commissions as well as RESIDUAL income - by sharing the "Cured My Crohn's" Course and Club.  See the example below for how it works:

  • 60% 1 time Commission on the $37 Cured My Crohn's Course - Sell 10 of these a week and that's $888 of extra income per month!
  • 50% Residual Commission on the $14.95 per month "Cured My Crohn's Club - Sell 10 of these a week and that's $299 a month in RESIDUAL INCOME (you get paid for as many months or years as the customer rebills and remains a member of the Club).

The above are simply examples (and don't include CB transaction costs) and you can earn nothing or thousands of dollars per month in 1 time commissions and monthly recurring commissions.  Its totally up to you.  AND, best of all, you can feel REALLY GOOD about making money with my Cured My Crohn's products because they can and do help people live better lives.  I almost died from Crohn's Disease and now live a wonderful healthy life thanks to what I've learned and now you can help spread the good news and get PAID to do it.

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Pay Per Click Keywords

A fantastic way to drive TONS of traffic is through Pay Per Click advertising through Google Adwords or Yahoo/Bing (  You can create a short ad and drive traffic to a simple blog page with one or two articles on it.  See my blog for ideas - Here are some keywords I recommend:

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Blogging is my favorite way to drive tons of FREE traffic.  Check out my personal blog here for ideas - Feel free to incorporate my youtube videos into your blog.  Blogging is easy and you can create a free blog at 

Earnings Disclaimer, SPAM, etc.

Any earnings amount (if any) is totally up to you.  Some Affiliates will make money and many will not.  Any estimates shown are just that, estimates.  No promises of earnings are made.  

Affiliates are expected to follow the pertinent laws regarding SPAM and other forms of illegal or improper marketing.  Violators will be terminated as Affiliates.

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